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QPanel currently supports two different DNS nameservers:

  • BIND (named)
  • djbdns


BIND DNS nameserver

It is installed as chroot environment installation under /var/named/chroot/. That means that all the paths working on configuration files are relative to /var/named/chroot/.

It contains 4 folders:

  • dev: contains the binaries null, ramdom, zero
  • etc: configuration files
  • proc: process files for chroot environment
  • var: files with information stored

Configuration files on var folder

  • /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf
It is a file that include the global options (global.options.named.conf) and zones (kloxo.named.conf)
  • /var/named/chroot/etc/global.options.named.conf
Contains the named options applied globally.
  • /var/named/chroot/etc/kloxo.named.conf
Contains the zones for each domain and reference to /var/named/domain.com (path not chrooted would be /var/named/chroot/var/named/domain.com) for load information zones.


Also known as TinyDNS. It is a low memory footprint DNS server based that store data on raw text files.

The init script is on /etc/init.d/djbdns.

It uses too the axfrdns DNS zone-transfer server program under /usr/local/bin/axfrdns. It reads a zone-transfer request in DNS-over-TCP format from its standard input, and responds with locally configured information. For more info see: http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/axfrdns.html

The conf files are suited under /var/tinydns folder:

  • /var/tinydns/run
Script for start the TinyDNS dns server binary (from /usr/local/bin/tinydns) with custom params.

Under the enviroment folder /var/tinydns/env/:

  • /var/tinydns/env/IP
Contains the dns server IP
  • /var/tinydns/env/ROOT
Contains the path to root. Usually /var/tinydns/root

Under the log folder /var/tinydns/log/

  • /var/tinydns/log/run
Script for run the logs
  • /var/tinydns/log/status
Status of TynyDNS
  • /var/tinydns/log/main/
Folder for main logs

Under the main root folder /var/tinydns/root/:

  • /var/tinydns/root/data
Contains all the dns data for each domain used on QPanel.
  • /var/tinydns/root/data.cdb
axfrdns looks up zone-transfer results in data.cdb. Contain the same as data. Is generated from Makefile.
  • /var/tinydns/root/Makefile
Use data.cdb for convert on data with /usr/local/bin/tinydns-data. The tinydns-dat create the binary data.cdb.
  • /var/tinydns/root/kloxo/
Store every data domain file as /var/tinydns/root/kloxo/domain.com.data

Also included script for register zones as:

  • /var/tinydns/root/add-alias
Add a register alias to the namezone data.
  • /var/tinydns/root/add-childns
Add a register childns to the namezone data.
  • /var/tinydns/root/add-host
Add a register host to the namezone data.
  • /var/tinydns/root/add-mx
Add a register MX to the namezone data.
  • /var/tinydns/root/add-ns
Add a register NS to the namezone data.

TinyDNS also use the folder /var/dnscache/ for store the same data cached.

  • /var/dnscache/env/IP
Usually local DNS IP, localhost as ""
  • /var/dnscache/root/servers/
Store each domain file with the IP assigned for the domain as a file called /var/dnscache/root/servers/domain.com

The file lock is created when djbdns start on /var/lock/subsys/djbdns.

For more info: http://cr.yp.to/djbdns.html


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